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NASCAR of the Future

NASCAR of the future will most likely not resemble anything like it is today. NASCAR has been around for 50 years and people have rebelled at all the changes during that time only to later accept those changes.




NASCAR of the future will be no different. There will be faster cars running on different fuels and in safer vehicles, yet a call for better safety by those who don't wish to see one person injured in one of the riskiest sports on the planet.

When on pictures NASCAR of the future one is drawn to the fact that cars are always evolving as automotive technology advances. Competition and a lust for speed drives the fan base and future technology will drive the rest.

For instance, gasoline may not always be the fuel of choice in the future years. In fact, it most decidedly will not be. Other fuels that NASCAR drivers may use include biofuels, hydrogen gas or liquid, hydrogen peroxide, nitrogen gas or liquid, liquid oxygen or even nuclear power.

Nuclear power may seem way out there, but the first nuclear car was designed in 1958 by Ford so a precedent has already been set. NASCAR of the Future will probably involve some sorts of hydrogen vehicles as the current ones give off zero emissions and this may be a reason to move to them in the future.

In addition, liquid hydrogen and hydrogen peroxide vehicles have already made a name for themselves on the racetrack. Vehicles powered by hydrogen gas will shortly follow. The Hydrogen Electric Racing Federation will host its first race the Hydrogen 500 in 2010. And, the Formula Zero Go-Cart Race is set to begin before that time.

It's only a matter of time until NASCAR of the future goes hydrogen. This will satisfy a need for clean speed that many already have.

Written by Kevin Lepton