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Future Design of Cars

The future design of cars is anyone's guess as it is up to the imagination of the designers to create and general public to accept what is brought forth. The good news is that the future design of cars may see radical advancements due to new advancements in drive technology.



Future Car Design

For instance, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and electric cars have no internal combustion engine and bulky transmission to design a car around.

The fuel cell, batteries and electric motors can be placed in many different arrangements in the vehicles including underneath the floorboard opening up a world of future car design possibilities.

In addition, the future design of cars will also be dependent upon just what does propel the car? For instance what if the car we are referring to is a future flying car rather than an earthbound one. Engines and rotors will lend themselves to different future car design than will other types of engines for automobiles that run on the ground.

And, then there are design and technological advancements that have nothing to do with the propulsion method. For instance, the Audi RSQ was designed from the movie "I, Robot" starring Will Smith. One of the most unique design features of the Audi RSQ is that the wheels are spherical in shape as it does not use traditional wheels or tires.

The future design of cars may start in the college ranks as well. Take for instance Jonathan Putner's Daedalus, which won the Royal College of Art's Best Overall Concept Car.

Or the CLEVER vehicle prototype, which is only 1-meter wide, developed by the University of Bath in the United Kingdom.

With Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and a myriad of 3D animation software programs out there, designers are more capable than ever before of designing their own future cars. Whether or not any of these future designs of cars will ever become working prototypes is anyone's guess.

What is certain is that the future design of cars is a wide open field. With enough imagination, anything is possible.

Written by Kevin Lepton