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Future Supercars

Future supercars are every motorhead's dream who have a need for speed and a lust for exciting design. The current supercars from Bugatti, Ferrari, Koenigsegg, Lamborghini, McLaren and Maserati are amazing vehicles, but won't hold a candle to those in the future.

Future Supercars



The future supercars may be from the same manufacturers, but most assuredly there will be a few surprise players who pop onto the scene as well.

For instance, before five years ago no one had heard of the Swedish automaker Koenigsegg before its CC8S popped up in racing circles. Now, the Koenigsegg CCR and more recent CCX are both a force to be recond with.

In the current rumor mill, there are several future supercars that are under double top secret development such as the McLaren P8, Lamborghini Lagartijo, Porsche Panamera. Ferrari 599 GTO and the Audi R8. Finding out the scoop on these involves knowing the secret handshake and being friends with Tom Hanks and Nicholas Cage.

The one determining feature of the future supercars will be speed. Today, a supercar must be street legal and be able to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in under 4 seconds to be considered in this class of automobiles.

As several current supercars are already in the low 3 second plus range, it is only a matter of time until the future supercars break the 3 second barrier. Now, this may just happen naturally with new technology on gasoline-powered cars with 1,000 horsepower engines or it may take a change in technology to make this happen.

For instance, now that hydrogen cars are starting to pick up steam in the media it may very well be that they hydrogen cars of the now will one day be the supercars of the future. The BMW H2R already has a land-speed record with a top speed of 185.5 mph. Later in 2007, Ford and Ohio State University will go after the record in a modified Ford Fusion.

And, then there are is a hydrogen peroxide racecar that is in no way street legal called the Peroxide Thunder that has been tearing up track recently. The future supercars may just be fuel by hydrogen peroxide and those with the inclination can also bleach their hair and teeth with the fuel.

So, its safe to say that future supercars will in no way resemble those making headlines today. Put on your seatbelt and strap yourself in because the future may just be a very wild ride.


Written by Kevin Lepton