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Smart Cars

Smart cars or intelligent cars are automobiles that use some form of artificial intelligence to enhance the driving experience. Smart cars should not be confused with the Zap Smart Car brand, which has created a line of small urban electric and non-electric vehicles.



Smart Car
Smart Car

Smart cars of the future will be using advanced technology to perform such functions as automatic cruise control, lane departure warnings and correction, hazardous object avoidance, driver awakenings, position and satellite monitoring, self-parking and driverless transportation.

Researchers are developing automotive technology so that in the future, smart cars will be able to interface by wireless and infrared connections with road signs, signals and other roadside communication devices. This will enable computerized smart cars to automatically determine driving conditions such as traffic ahead, road hazards or steep curves and make adjustments ahead of time.

Some day, smart cars will be able to determine their own speeds, put themselves on cruise control, take themselves off, avoid hazards and park themselves with little driver interaction. If you think this is just a pipe dream, then it's good to know that the European Union has already set forth its i2010 Intelligent Car Initiative.

The initiatives goals are to develop safer, cleaner and smarter vehicles. These intelligent cars or smart vehicles will be safer to drive by using technology such as adaptive cruise control to keep a safe distance from other drivers, lane departure warnings and lane change assistants, hypo-vigilance systems for sleepy drivers and an alcohol lock for those over the DUI limits.

Through advanced communication systems including computers, wireless networking and GPS, smart cars will also be able to interactively ease traffic congestion and take more favorable routes as traffic needs arise. Smart cars will also be intelligent enough to avoid pedestrians, bicyclers and others who are not driving automobiles.

Hands-free motoring is another goal for smart car developers who wish to create public transportation systems with individual cars, taxis, shuttle buses and large transport buses that will carry passengers without the need for drivers.

Some of the smart car projects that have been created to improve intelligent communication include CarTalk 2000, SEVECOM, GST, ADAS, ComuniCar, COM2React, CyberCars2, Safespot and Trace.

With the ever-increasing need for newer safety measures and way to decrease traffic congestion, it is most assured that smart cars will one day provide the relief and results that many are now seeking. Until then it is best to turn on an old episode of Knight Rider and listen to Kitt speak to David Hasselhoff and tell him to shape up.


Written by Kevin Lepton